Why D/G Still Matters

Okay, EVERY single post around here is NOT going to be a rant about ANTM 19, the evil that is BryanBoy, the tragedy of Jael, the utter annoyingness of adding social media as a factor this season, the sad way that Tyra really is turning out to be a bitch, and so on, and so on, and so on. (Although I will be posting an analysis of why all writers can learn from how reality TV works. Yes, really!)

This post will be greatly expanded upon in much more coherent fashion in Part 2 of
Fun Facts About Copyright Law for Fanfic Authors
. But I’m just going to say a few things here.

Does D/G still matter? Kind of a strange question, to most people’s ears (and that’s assuming that you’ve already explained enough about fandoms, shipping, and everything else that would cause that question to even make any sense.) After all, the canon closed years ago, both in print and in film. We certainly know that Draco and Ginny didn’t end up together as a romantic couple, although none of us really thought they would in the first place. They never interacted much in canon, and when they did, they were pretty nasty to each other (although Ginny did give Draco that compassionate look during Slughorn’s Christmas party in the HBP film, and he deliberately turned his head away from her. Remember?)

So why would this pairing matter?

My argument is that it does, very much. Clearly this can’t be from the POV of spinning theories based on what’s going to happen in canon. But there are characteristics that only these two people share. There are things which only the two of them have experienced. There is suffering and darkness that only they can know, and a healing which only they could build together. That’s why out of every conceivable pairing that has ever been cooked up from HP canon, only Draco/Ginny remains fascinating. Like Romeo and Juliet, they are iconic.

I’ve been writing in this fandom for a long time, and I’ve never really been all that interested in writing anything else. (And I have a very wide range of original writing, from romance to civil rights journalism to editing Cisco manuals!)But only D/G continues to compel. That’s why my fanfics involving this pairing inspired Death Train. Who knows what Draco and Ginny may inspire in you?

Anyway… more soon on FIA! 🙂

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