Top 10 Reasons Why ANTM 19 Is A Massive Writing Fail: Reason Six

Okay, a quick post on the afternoon before the next episode…

Don’t you hate it when this happens?

6.) This one was from the second show, but it’s still irritating me. The most interesting girl, Jessie, was eliminated first. Understand, few have ever needed a makeover more than she did, but they actually got rid of her before the makeovers even took place.( Maybe the problem was that they figured out she would never be the Annoying Bitch of Doom, a la Kristin Kagay?)I highly doubt that Ann Ward ever could have made it with this format. It’s not that the idea of having all the eliminated girls return in order to compete for one comeback spot is really the worst one they’re ever had… but the format makes it a lot more likely that the most unpleasant girls will stay. To be a model, you kind of need to be more than just that.

What’s the writing equivalent?

You introduce interesting characters, but you never use them properly. You forget about them. You don’t explore them. Marona in the Earth’s Children series was a good example. By the disaster that was Land of Painted Caves, she had turned into a boring skank. For sheer madness-inducing boredom, of course, nothing was ever to compete with the extended tours of the 456,9987.pi caves, but it’s very sad that Marona ended up being the most interesting thing about the entire last book.)

Here’s an example of how this would work with the Death Train characters:

Gwen: Where did Rebecca go?
Stetson: You didn’t think I was going to have sex with her, did you?
Gwen: You’d better not.
Stetson: I’ve been trying to get rid of her since we had to save her from being killed by the entire Carrier settlement at Furnace Creek. Burns should have left her there.
Gwen: I don’t care. But the readers might. She was the bitch they loved to hate.
Stetson: Does this mean that if I find her, the two of you will have a long, slow snogging session in front of me?
Gwen: No. And I wouldn’t push this antihero thing too far if I were you, Stet.

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