Top 10 Reasons Why ANTM 19 Is A Massive Writing Fail: Reason 5

Over It All
Okay, this really should be Reason #1, but I can’t stand waiting to write about this anymore. I could literally write a book about this one point alone. Everything related to social media that they’re doing on ANTM 19, every way they’re using it, every way it’s handled, every way it’s spoken about, every facet of it that’s shown, is the most ginormous hideous massive black hole of a fail EVER, of all time and space.
So basically, I don’t like it. 🙂

Last night’s episode was fairly typical. Once again, Kristin Kagay was the Annoying Bitch from the Magical Fairy Kingdom of Bitchland. The most interesting girl (Leila) went home. Please, for the love of all that is holy, NEVER show BryanBoy crying again. Rob Evans looked hot but was given nothing to do. But none of this had to be the horrible lingering horror than it was. The fatal factor was the intrusion of social media. Trust me, there will be a few posts about this. Where to even BEGIN? Okay, at the beginning might be a good place…
The audience was able to vote on Facebook, Twitter, blah bleh, la la la. Okay; that’s nice (actually, it isn’t, but we’ll get to that later.) The attitude towards the fact that this is now part of the show has been more or less “ZOMG! We are hipsters! We know what Facebook is! We know it exists! We know the kids are using this newfangled thing! Go us! Yay!”

Well, this attitude might have been sort of justified if the social media aspect had been part of the show during its first season in 2003. Facebook was still a year away. MySpace was king. Friendster had been around recently. LiveJournal had a few years under its belt. A lot of people still weren’t using social media at all. It was, in fact, a (kind of) new trend. But this is 2012. 2012-2003 = 9 years. So it adds up to a very weird idea– that information transmitted through social media is exciting just because social media exists. But it’s not. Actually, it never was. They might have been able to get away with this when the concept was shiny and new, but that was basically ten years ago.

So that’s the FIRST problem (of many…)

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