The Very Special Top-Secret Way to Market Your Book: Part One

Remember to Keep Checking In!
Remember to Keep Checking In!

Let’s face it– most ways to market your indie-published book don’t really work. No, crying won’t help. I tried it. (True, it wasn’t over this issue, but the point is that I’ve tried it.) BUT… I have special super-secret news, JUST for you. There’s a very specific type of technique that fills these criteria:

a.)Few indie authors are using it
b.) Of those authors who do use it, most aren’t really doing it very well at all
c.) People will flock to it because it’s fun and interesting in and of itself.


d.) It requires a very, very short time commitment on the viewer’s part.

All of this = an extremely good way to publicize your book.

WHAT could this be, you ask?

Promotion art for your book. That’s what. Specifically, I’m talking about video book trailers (although this also covers other artwork related to your book, including covers.)

Now, this is very often being done today for books published through regular old-school channels. (If you go to Youtube and look up “book trailer,” this is most of what you’ll see.) But if you do find some indie book trailers (and again, there aren’t many), most of them… how to put it delicately… UNBELIEVABLY ^%$^%$^%$ BAD. And then there are some that are not terrible, but are quite mediocre. Also, you’ll see a few that actually have a lot of good points, but are lacking in many, many others. (I’ll do a post soon with a lot of specific examples.)

So here’s what it comes down to: by doing specific, well-planned art for your book at all (including a video trailer), you’re already ahead of the pack. By doing one well, you will almost be unique. And this won’t change simply because more indie authors hear about this technique. The reason is that you must know at least something about a really staggering number of specific concepts. Right off the top of my head… you must understand classic film concepts, the kind of things you’d learn in film school. Then, you must know all of the classic rules about how edit film and video. You need to understand graphic design principles. You must know all of the concepts behind motion graphics. If you do any character animation (which would REALLY set you apart from, well, basically every other indie author in the world,) then you must understand not only how to draw in a classic sense but also the classic concepts of animation.

Oh, and we haven’t even STARTED talking about the actual software used yet. After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, Premiere, InDesign, Illustrator… or if you want to go open-source, Gimp, Avidemux, Blender, just to begin with… although you can do more than you’d think with Windows Moviemaker. (Not Paint!! Just thinking about it drives me nuts.)

Editing, the 8-frame rule, the 180 rule, composition, the gatefold rule,color choices, graphic design, vector graphics, timing, music, spacing, scriptwriting, squash and stretch, software, walk cycles…


Are you okay?

I think someone fainted out there…

But here’s the secret…


Okay, I won’t explain it ALL. 😉 I am not an expert, and I don’t play one on TV. (If I were an expert, I would be charging for this right now!!) But I HAVE worked with every one of the concepts, principles, disciplines, and knowledge bases I talked about here. And it means that I can share things with you– yes, YOU!– related to the artistic techniques needed to create both graphic and video promos for your book. I’ll be working on the artwork and video trailer project for MY book, so we’ll learn together. 🙂

All at a price of 0$, y’all… yes, that’s right 0$!

The post series will start tomorrow. 🙂 Stay tuned!

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