The thrilling news update!

Which the WW Did Not.

Okay, so here’s the promised news! 🙂

Actually, it’s in 2 parts.

1.) My letter to the editor was published in the Willamette Weekly.Here’s the link!

My letter telling our side of the story!

They didn’t print the entire thing, of course, which is what I expected to happen anyway. The only thing they omitted that really bothered me was when I explained that I was NOT, in fact, planning to break copyright law. Parody has ALWAYS been considered fair use. I definitely didn’t say that it was “a gray area,” which is the quote that Laurie wrote. Parody is never a gray area. The only times when it has even come close is when there’s a question about whether or not the work actually is a parody. (A good example is Alice Randall’s The Wind Done Gone. She won the case, btw!) With funny parodies– such as Harry Potter and the Big Book of Boys’ Naughty Bits— there is never any question.

But it gets better!!

2.) The Portland Mercury is the rival alternative paper. AND an editor contacted me two days ago!
Basically, he said that they wanted to do a story telling our side of
what happened and SHOWCASING OUR WORK. So, a chapter of the parody book
went out and will be reviewed in the PM.

We’re spreading D/G through the Northwest!!

And karma is truly a bitch. 😉

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