The Absolutely Fabulous Idea for a Forum Here

As I’ve posted about recently, there have been a series of incidents that have led to weird print publicity around the Portland area for fanfic, D/G, and fanfic authors moving into original work. I started to think about the issue of writers’ support forums. And THAT’S how I came up with this idea.

I want to create a forum for fanfic writers who are slaving away at producing publishable work. Advice! Sharing! All the information I’ve painstakingly learned! Lots and lots of stuff!

Basically, it would be a discussion board specifically for fanfic writers who are/want to be/want to find out about/would like to hear about:

producing publishable work
the writing process
how it relates to fanfic
how to stay on the right side of the law during all of these activities
how to self-publish
how to promote
etc, etc, etc!!!

However, it would also include people who just want to discuss their fanfic writing, as well as any other issues that might come up (such as totally original work.) The common denominator would be the fanfic author. I have been doing so much research, and I want to share and learn! We fanfic writers ARE on the laser’s edge right now, and we need to support each other. We are the future of publishing. We have the opportunity to shape what commercial publishing will become in the next few years. And I don’t know of any discussion board with forums specifically devoted to us.


I would be hosting this on my WP blog through Simple Press. This has by far the most functionality, flexibility, and number of options (also support and documentation). But this means that it’s not free (I mean that it has a monthly cost aside from the hosting fees.) I’ll pay for it, but I really want to get some idea of just how many people would be interested in this before making the plunge.

SO… I posted this on the D/G forum on ffnet, but who knows, some people may read it here too. what does everybody think??
(You CAN leave a comment… really…. I don’t bite.)

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