The Absolute Failure of ANTM 19: A Very Sad Post.

Okay, y’all, I had to break the list format briefly in order to comment on this. Remember Jael Strauss from ANTM’s Cycle 8? Well, here’s how she’s ended up (the pic is at the BOTTOM of this post… warning, it’s not pretty at all, but it shows what can happen to a person’s face after years of meth addiction.)

Jael’s family appealed to Dr. Phil for an intervention, saying that she’s suffered from a meth addiction for 6 years — which would imply that 5 years ago, when she was on “America’s Next Top Model,” she was abusing drugs.

Her skin has essentially disintegrated as a result of all the drug use, and mentally, she’s not doing too well either. During the show, she bolted from the studio, running through the Paramount lot as she tried to hide behind a dumpster from Dr. Phil.

We’ll certainly be tuning in on Thursday, Sept. 13 to see whether he successfully talks her into getting some help!

Learn more here.

I definitely didn’t watch Dr. Phil, because he annoys me greatly. But this is a sad, sad story. It clearly doesn’t make sense to say that ANTM or Tyra had anything to do with the causes of her addiction, but it would be so much more graceful and kind for Tyra to put herself to the trouble of:

a.) Talking to Jael
b.) Mentioning her on the show
c.) Emailing her
d.) Having a personal lackey send her flowers? SOMETHING???

Instead, Jael is being ignored. Not classy, Miss Tyra.

2 thoughts on “The Absolute Failure of ANTM 19: A Very Sad Post.”

  1. are you kidding me! why should Tyra do anything Jael is an adult and made her own choices,she is the only one NOT helping herself! Her family has to do it for her because poor little her can’t talk about traumatic events in her life,she realy needs to get over herself!

    1. A troll! MY VERY FIRST TROLL. We all dream about that first troll in our blogs… it’s such a meaningful moment… (tears in eyes. sniff.) It’s so sweet. Actually, this isn’t much of a troll comment (which is probably just as well– don’t we have enough of them in cyberspace?) The point here is that Tyra and the producers chose the most extreme personalities for the show, rather than necessarily the girls with the most talent. They were SUPPOSED to have a clause in the contract that excluded girls who had real psychological problems. This doesn’t seem to have been in effect when it came to Jael. If they didn’t want to follow their own rules, then they shouldn’t have made them in the first place.

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