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Out Into the Desert…

Hey all!

A QUICK post to let everybody (hi, sis!) know that we will return to our regularly scheduled blog after I get back from… THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.
If there isn’t a sign saying that, there should be! 😉

Death Valley is the most spiritual place on earth, and we are headed there! No cell phone reception! No TV’s! No constantly checking Facebook! Just land, and space, and desert, and craters, and Scotty’s Castle, and a lot of German tourists. (There’s something about this time of year…)

And DV is a very inspiring place to create art. 😉 So that’s all I’ll say!

30 Days of NaNo, 30 Covers of Death Train: Day Ten

Oo! SUCH a good day of writing DT 2.0. The reboot is working! 🙂

Cookie Quote of the Day:

Nick opened the door to the corridor just the tiniest crack and looked out. He saw no-one. Not that this proved anything. If he were caught, what excuse could he give?

He tiptoed across the corridor and opened the door as silently as he could. Looking both ways once again, he opened it a bit more and slipped inside. He nudged underneath the luggage rack with a foot.

“Gwen,” he said under his breath.

There was no response at all for an awful second, during which he sincerely hoped that she had not been enough of a fool to try to get out and find her cousins and friends. But then he saw her head appear from under the rack.

“Come on,” he said.
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30 Days of NaNo, 30 Covers of Death Train: Day 9


“Don’t, Gwen!” Nick whispered fiercely. “It’s nothing but an open field! They’ll all see you.”

“I thought you said there was nobody on that side,” she said.

“There will be in about two minutes! Don’t you dare go out.”

“They know we’re here,” said Gwen. “They all saw you chase me into the train. There’s nothing we can do.”

It was true, and he knew it. They had come to the end of the line.
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The First Perry Snotter Graphic!

Hey, y’all! So there’s the first draft of the Perry Snotter and the Big Book of Naughty Bits for Boys graphic. (See, “Harry Potter” isn’t just a name, and it isn’t just a title– it’s a trademark. That means that when the parody book actually goes to print… well, it’ll just be digital at first, but you know what I mean… then I’ll have to change all the names a bit.) I really like this one! BTW, the hat started out as a royalty free Getty image, and then I had fun with the Puppet tool in Photoshop.

A Good Piece of Advice: if you’re creating a graphic for your novel/nonfiction book on how best to raise llamas/whatever, you MUST make sure that everything you use is royalty free. Either because it starts out that way (Getty stock photos is a great resource for that,) or because you yourself have either created it in a program like Photoshop or Illustrator or hand-drawn it the old school way and then scanned in as a graphics file. Stay out of trouble!

The Absolutely Fabulous Idea for a Forum Here

As I’ve posted about recently, there have been a series of incidents that have led to weird print publicity around the Portland area for fanfic, D/G, and fanfic authors moving into original work. I started to think about the issue of writers’ support forums. And THAT’S how I came up with this idea.

I want to create a forum for fanfic writers who are slaving away at producing publishable work. Advice! Sharing! All the information I’ve painstakingly learned! Lots and lots of stuff!

Basically, it would be a discussion board specifically for fanfic writers who are/want to be/want to find out about/would like to hear about:
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Getting Your Characters to Talk to You: Stetson Smith and Sexuality

Well, if that title didn’t get everybody’s attention, then nothing ever will. 😉 (Okay… maybe “Jesus Comes Back and Gives You the Winning Lottery Numbers!”) Anyway.

When Gwen Was Away…

I think that it’s important to try to figure out everything about a character. Sometimes, of course, they don’t want to tell you. Gwen is still being very secretive. But as for Stetson… that boy is telling me more and more every day. For instance– let’s talk about sex.
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Harry Potter and the Big Book of Boys’ Naughty Bits Update!

You Ain’t Seen NOTHING Yet

I promise– PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE, cross my heart and hope to die– that I will post the full story of the vindication of our writers’ group and the triumph of NC-17 fanfic over the forces of evil. Tomorrow. It’s really late.

In the meantime… y’all MUST visit the Harry Potter and the Big Book of Boys’ Naughty Bits page. Newly updated and with a summary of the prologue! 🙂

Getting Your Characters to Talk to You: Rebecca Burns

I picture Rebecca as looking like this.

So I’m trying to get OTHER characters to talk to me now, and I’m working on Rebecca. She’s one of the two women in Stetson’s life during the course of Death Train. But wow, what a difference from Gwen…
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A Nasty Article Was Written About Our Writers’ Group!!!

Dishonest fraud.


Wow. Let’s see if I can explain what happened here.

I run a writers’ group in Portland. Last week, a woman came to a meeting who represented herself as a writer looking for feedback and critique. But she did not tell us the truth about her real motives. She joined our meetup group with a fake name and a fake background, and she pretended to be an unpublished author (that’s where the legal definitions of “dishonest” and “fraud” come in, you see.) She had been recruited as a reporter for the Willamette Weekly. An article came out this week that presented us as freaks and our work as… well, it’s all in the article (and yes, fanfic was involved. This isn’t the first nasty article that paper has written about NC-17 fanfics, either.) I’m trying to get the word out so that other writers’ groups know what happened. For all we know, this is a new trend, and we’ll be seeing more of it.

Here’s a link to the article by Laurie Notaro:
Mean and Unkind

However, there’s ONE good thing about it (I guess)… the FIRST sentence is:

I have read Harry Potter erotica. Sometimes, life is like that. One moment, you’re getting ready to read what you think will be a fun short story about a magic girl and boy, and in the next, Ginny and Draco are getting it on during a study session. Three days later, you’re sitting at a small table in a cafeteria surrounded by strangers and it’s your turn to say something about it to the person who wrote it.

(I’m the “person who wrote it”, you see.)

So, um… D/G smut is being promoted, anyway! (Again, I guess.)
I’ll post my letter to the editor tomorrow.