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Yes, I’m still here…

reality_sceneHi all,

So I HAVEN’T disappeared! 😉 But the thing is that having a blog hacked is a very disheartening experience. I wasn’t very enthusiastic about anything after that happened. Also, I’ve been concentrating on the writing a lot. 🙂 But I’m back! There will be more news soon!! Possibly some very exciting things coming up. 🙂

Just as a preview of some of what I’ve been working on, take a look at a very early version of Victoria above. Doesn’t she look REAL? Kind of creepy, isn’t it? 😉 Maybe she’s trying to escape the computer…

New SatSD Cover!

vic and ryan pensive

Hi all! Here’s the latest cover for SatSD.:) They WILL get better… Nathaniel’s pants are enough to scare small children. But this gives you a rough idea.

I’ll start posting more– that being-hacked incident was not very encouraging to creativity. However, SatSD IS done– the beta version, anyway, it’ll be revised a lot! Much more very soon. And a new chapter of Malfoy In a Glass posted on FIA soon too.