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The Portland Mercury Article is UP!!

Read this paper! 🙂

There are times when justice prevails, and when the sheer goodness of humanity shines through. One of those beautiful moments occurred when someone was giving out free chocolate at the Tuesday night writers’ meetup, of course. But another one came today, and it was sweet, sweet victory. The Portland Mercury published the article about our writers’ group.

There’s something about these glowing moments of honesty and righteousness that makes us proud to be human– it’s very similar to when you save a baby sparrow, or work in a soup kitchen, or find the perfect death-by-chocolate recipe. (Hint: I have it.;) And that’s how we all felt today. So rejoice with me now by reading Ben Coleman’s fabulous, wonderful, amazing article about our group!!!

And Justice TRIUMPHS Over the Very Un-nice Powers of Evil!!

Truth, Justice, and the American Way– Enlist the Media On Your Side!

HA! YAY to the ultimate power! (That’s now my new phrase. It is officially a thing. Others can feel free to use it:)

Ben Coleman from the Portland Mercury just sent me an advance copy of the upcoming article about our writers’ group! Our fics were analyzed! Fair things were said! The guilty were punished; the innocent rewarded! IN YOUR FACE, Laurie Notaro and the nasty mean old Willamette Weekly!!!

(runs around throwing confetti and screeching incoherently)

(trips over something, falls, scares cat)

Anyway. 🙂 I’ll post a link to the article once it’s up.

Oh, So Much News to Share

It’ll Happen.
Okay… I have an AMAZING story to share stemming from the mean, awful, icky, not-nice-at-all article written in the WW about our writers’ group by the dishonest Laurie Novato. It involves karma and happy endings and the Portland Mercury… but more tomorrow. For NOW, I have an announcement to make…

(or eggroll)
(or jelly roll. Whatever floats your boat.)

I’ve decided that I’m going to finish my Harry Potter parody at the same time that I’m working on Death Train! Yay! Much more tomorrow, and it’ll get its very own page.

ETA: And, oh yes! The NC-17 page has been updated. Head on over there to find: MoM 6: The NC-17 Chapter We’ve All Been Waiting For! Yay!

The kids really, REALLY should not read this one. 😉