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The First Perry Snotter Graphic!

Hey, y’all! So there’s the first draft of the Perry Snotter and the Big Book of Naughty Bits for Boys graphic. (See, “Harry Potter” isn’t just a name, and it isn’t just a title– it’s a trademark. That means that when the parody book actually goes to print… well, it’ll just be digital at first, but you know what I mean… then I’ll have to change all the names a bit.) I really like this one! BTW, the hat started out as a royalty free Getty image, and then I had fun with the Puppet tool in Photoshop.

A Good Piece of Advice: if you’re creating a graphic for your novel/nonfiction book on how best to raise llamas/whatever, you MUST make sure that everything you use is royalty free. Either because it starts out that way (Getty stock photos is a great resource for that,) or because you yourself have either created it in a program like Photoshop or Illustrator or hand-drawn it the old school way and then scanned in as a graphics file. Stay out of trouble!