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Oh, So Much News to Share

It’ll Happen.
Okay… I have an AMAZING story to share stemming from the mean, awful, icky, not-nice-at-all article written in the WW about our writers’ group by the dishonest Laurie Novato. It involves karma and happy endings and the Portland Mercury… but more tomorrow. For NOW, I have an announcement to make…

(or eggroll)
(or jelly roll. Whatever floats your boat.)

I’ve decided that I’m going to finish my Harry Potter parody at the same time that I’m working on Death Train! Yay! Much more tomorrow, and it’ll get its very own page.

ETA: And, oh yes! The NC-17 page has been updated. Head on over there to find: MoM 6: The NC-17 Chapter We’ve All Been Waiting For! Yay!

The kids really, REALLY should not read this one. 😉

A Nasty Article Was Written About Our Writers’ Group!!!

Dishonest fraud.


Wow. Let’s see if I can explain what happened here.

I run a writers’ group in Portland. Last week, a woman came to a meeting who represented herself as a writer looking for feedback and critique. But she did not tell us the truth about her real motives. She joined our meetup group with a fake name and a fake background, and she pretended to be an unpublished author (that’s where the legal definitions of “dishonest” and “fraud” come in, you see.) She had been recruited as a reporter for the Willamette Weekly. An article came out this week that presented us as freaks and our work as… well, it’s all in the article (and yes, fanfic was involved. This isn’t the first nasty article that paper has written about NC-17 fanfics, either.) I’m trying to get the word out so that other writers’ groups know what happened. For all we know, this is a new trend, and we’ll be seeing more of it.

Here’s a link to the article by Laurie Notaro:
Mean and Unkind

However, there’s ONE good thing about it (I guess)… the FIRST sentence is:

I have read Harry Potter erotica. Sometimes, life is like that. One moment, you’re getting ready to read what you think will be a fun short story about a magic girl and boy, and in the next, Ginny and Draco are getting it on during a study session. Three days later, you’re sitting at a small table in a cafeteria surrounded by strangers and it’s your turn to say something about it to the person who wrote it.

(I’m the “person who wrote it”, you see.)

So, um… D/G smut is being promoted, anyway! (Again, I guess.)
I’ll post my letter to the editor tomorrow.