Death Train Trilogy FAQ’s

Q: What is the Death Train Trilogy?

A: The upcoming novels by Anise. They add up to a dark, erotic love story and murder mystery with a paranormal setting, Satan, and lots and lots of snarky black humor.

Q: What’s it about?

A: Well, here’s the summary for Death Train, and I’m working on the one for Sex and the Single Devil. There is a dark train that runs through the shadow world of the Carriers, and Nate Lowell rides it to the destruction of his enemies. The price of the power he seeks? He must give up all human affection. But that seems easy enough. He’s convinced that he lives only for revenge against Seth Hardwicke, the man who killed his parents, and Victoria Thornberg, the lost love who betrayed him. When he gets his hands on her, he plans to teach her a thing or two about what he’s suffered for power’s sake… and he does. What he doesn’t yet know is that she can give him lessons in the power of redemption…and she will. But once the bodies and the blame start piling up, their fragile love just may be blown to pieces…

Q: Where can I find this?

A: It’s coming out on Amazon Kindle in summer 2013.

Q: Why is the tag line of Death Train “It’s Like Fifty Shades for Grownups”?

A: FS is like getting on the BDSM train at Disneyworld and riding it to Funland while munching on cotton candy. Death Train is more like diving into the depths of darkness, obsession, twisted love, endless sexual tension, and murder, with a side of quadruple chocolate cake. It’s really a very different type of book.

Look, how can I say this without giving too much away? FS has cute BDSM scenes, la la, sweet and nice. This may sound unlikely, but relative to Death Train, it’s true. The trilogy is not sweet or nice. It’s about damnation and redemption and obsession and really, really, really weird dark twisted things, and the kind of things that appeal to Satan’s sense of humor– and it’s a love story.

HOWEVER… it’s similar to FS in two ways: it has very explicit NC-17 content, and it was inspired by each author’s very explicit NC-17 fanfics.

Q: Wow! It sounds like you have just might have slightly un-nice thoughts about FS.

A: Not at all. FS is perfectly written for what it is, and it fills a real need. People who loved and followed the Twilight series through four books had their expectations raised to the highest pitch by the time Bella and Edward finally got together. WHAT would happen now?? Well, basically it was…

“He pulled me deeper into the ocean.” (Do you have a life jacket? It just seems kind of dangerous… he can breathe underwater and you can’t.)

And then:


So, naturally enough, the reaction of many readers was “OMFG OH NO YOU DIDN’T.” Stephenie Meyer wasn’t obliged to write explicit sex, of course, but what she did write caused frustration. FS provided satisfaction. So had Master of the Universe, but when the fanfic was published as a book, it reached a wider audience that felt the same way.

Q: Is the Death Train Trilogy really based on Anise’s NC-17 Harry Potter fanfics?

A: Yep. However, I’d say that it’s more inspired by them. Readers will recognize some scenes from the fanfics. However, nobody could possibly ever get the impression of a direct lift from HP canon. In my writers’ group, they actually were convinced that it was based on Star Wars canon. No… I’ve just seen those movies a lot, like everyone else! I don’t even know enough about that universe to write anything in it. (And Star Wars is, of course, Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey— as George Lucas has in fact said a few times.)

Q: Okay… but is this really copyright violation?

A: Nope, and neither is FS. For more details, see the long, long, long page about U.S. copyright law.

Q: Who exactly is Anise.

A: See the Author Page! 🙂

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