The NC-17 Fanfics That Inspired Death Train & Sex and The Single Devil

Let’s all read the fanfics that inspired Death Train! (Also the even-more-NC-17-ish Sex and the Single Devil.) Most of them have plot. Some of them do not. However, just about every single one is an NC-17 fanfic– and that’s an Anise Guarantee! ™ 🙂

Remember that they can all be found on the site. However, that is a password-protected site, so it doesn’t make sense to post ONLY those links here. My advice is to sign up there, but I’m also posting my finished fics here.

If you just want to read some good old-fashioned smut, start with the “Good Parts” project. If you want actual plot, characterization, suspense, drama, mystery, humor, and so forth… move on to the “Finished Fics.” Either way, enjoy! 🙂

I. The “Good Parts” Project

If you don’t want to read plot today, what do you do? Thought you’d never ask! We embark on the “Good Parts” Project, which is an endeavor to pick out the naughty bits from some of my fics and post them as stand-alone ficlets. After going through all the fics, I’ve identified three that are suitable for this. I have culled the best and smuttiest parts JUST for you, complete with romance, mystery, delicious narratives, and Draco making lingonberry pancakes in pink silk pajamas.

1.) A D/G Smutbiscuit
A D/G Smutbiscuit

This one does not, to be perfectly honest, have the most complex plot the world has ever seen. It’s a scene from a longer novel, but it does stand alone. Oh, does it ever stand alone… 😉 And it’s the perfect start to the “Good Parts” project!

2.) Bound

By the spring of her fifth year, Ginny Weasley had almost convinced herself that she didn’t really still want Harry Potter. But when he finally kissed her one Hogsmeade weekend in June, she couldn’t resist the power of all those years of waiting and watching and hoping and praying. Six months later, her dream has finally come true… except that Draco Malfoy just won’t leave her alone. Strange things are afoot, and once Ginny starts to figure out what’s really going on, nothing is as simple as it seems…

The “Good Parts”
Bound: Anticipation
Bound: Satisfaction

3.) Millions and Millions of Malfoys (And One Very Sleep-Deprived Ginny)

Ginny Weasley is absolutely sure that Draco Malfoy is hatching a particularly evil plot as junior head of the Ministry Department of Culture, and that it definitely involves puppy-strangling, bribing officials, and consistently wearing trousers tailored very tight in back. Or at least it’s a theory that makes sense when she’s been surviving on two hours of sleep a night for far too long, and Draco keeps vetoing her sketches for the new marble statues at the Ministry fountain. But then Luna Lovegood gives her a potion with some very curious effects, and Ginny finds that she just may have to revise her opinions about those evil trousers…

God, HOW to even pick out the smutty bits here?? A lot of MoM fills that description… okay, here’s a start!

The “Good Parts”
MoM 3: The First NC-17 Chapter, But Not the Last

MoM 4: The Second NC-17 Chapter, And Definitely Not the Last
MoM 5: The Third NC-17 Chapter, And Still Not the Last
MoM 6: The NC-17 Chapter We’ve All Been Waiting For! Yay!
MoM 7: The NC17 Just Never Stops

II. My Finished Fics.
Almost all of these are also rated NC-17 (exceptions are noted.) They’re much more about the plot, but they do indeed have naughty bits of their own. I highly recommend all of these. 🙂

1.) Full Fathom Five

Full Fathom Five
Full Fathom Five: Chapter 2 (The First NC-17 Chapter!)
Full Fathom Five, Chapter 3: Yet More NC-17ness
Full Fathom Five Chapter 4
Full Fathom Five Chapter 5

The war drags on and on, and Ginny and Draco are trapped in a never-ending cycle of passion, betrayal, revenge, and reunion on opposite sides of the battle… until a terrifying chance comes along to change it all.

This one actually DOES have a complex plot as well as smut, and it’s one of my favorites. 🙂

2.) The Bat-Bogeys Cometh: PG-13

I love, LOVE this one. It’s based on the idea that there was much more going on between Ginny and Draco than what met the eye during Harry’s fifth and sixth years, and I really think that it’s one of the best examples of my fanfic writing. It’s also one of the major inspirations for Death Train.

TBBC, Chapter One

TBBC, Chapter Two

TBBC, Chapter 3

TBBC, Chapter 4

TBBC, Chapter 5

3.) The Disappearance

It’s been a year since the last battle of the war, and Draco Malfoy is struggling to carve a place for himself in the brave new world. But then the world itself begins to disappear, and nobody else even knows that it’s happening. Does Ginny Weasley hold the key?

This one’s very recent, and it probably has the most classic mystery structure of any of my fics. 🙂

The Disappearance, Chapter 1
The Disappearance, Chapter 2
The Disappearance, Chapter 3
The Disappearance, Chapter 4
The Disappearance, Chapter 5
The Disappearance, Chapter 6
The Disappearance, Chapter 7
The Disappearance, Chapter 8
The Disappearance, Chapter 9
The Disappearance, Chapter 10
The Disappearance, Chapter 11

4.) A Link to the Full Text of Millions and Millions of Malfoys (And One Very Sleep-Deprived Ginny)

5.)A Link to the Full Text of Bound
When I have time, I WILL post the whole fic here.

COMING SOON (but meanwhile, they ARE on FIA)

6.) Of Draco, Ginny, and the Excessively Extensive List of Salaciously Sexual Euphemisms

Inspiration for the Perry Snotter parody! Oh, so funny. Not really NC-17, though

7.) Unforgivable

8.) The Moons of Saturn In the Sky

9.) Series: Ever Since Draco and Ginny: Reflections on Their (Un)Natural History
Draco’s Dangerous Dilemma
The Marshmallow Fluff Dilemma
The Wedding Night of Draco and Astoria Malfoy
Field Guide to Draco’s Dangerous Dilemma.

10.) 12, Yep, 12 Short Fics

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