Jael Strauss and The Absolute Failure of ANTM 19: Part 3

Sadly, Janice Was Right About Tyra: She Really Is a Bitch.

Apparently, this particular massive fail on the part of Tyra Banks and ANTM 19 is NEVER going to end. Here’s the latest:

Tyra speaking during judging of Episode 7 to Victoria, talking about her eating disorder-ish behavior:

“The health of my girls… is one of my top priorities. I’ve spoken out about it.”

THEN Tyra solemnly promised that if Victoria wasn’t eating enough by next week, she would be sent home.

HELLO???? Really?

So let’s get this straight– you’re suddenly very concerned when one of the girls isn’t eating enough. As you should be. HOWEVER, you have to know perfectly well that a girl who was one of the final 6 on ANTM in the past is struggling with the depths of drug addiction. And you don’t seem to be very concerned about that.

I respected Tyra even though the Saleisha debacle a few years back, but this is it. I can’t understand why nobody around her seems to be telling her just how bad this makes her look and what a negative effect it had on her image, but she’s the only one ultimately responsible for ignoring the situation with Jael Strauss.

I never thought I’d say THIS… but so far, it’s Dr. Phil: 100 and Tyra: -2,000,000. Please don’t make me say nice things about Dr. Phil, Miss Tyra. Just pick up your phone and send a short little text to Jael… anything will do at this point…

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