Jael Strauss and The Absolute Failure of ANTM 19: Part 2.

A Fleeting Beauty.

Okay, so here’s a quick post before tonight’s episode: I actually SAW the entire Dr. Phil show with Jael. Yep, only for all y’all, my faithful blog readers. (Hi, Sis! waves.) What a sad, sad experience. Lots of footage of Jael’s family chasing her around and trying to get her on a plane to the set of the show (kind of makes you wonder where they were when she was being abused at the age of 10.) Her parents were a charming pair– apparently her mom did drugs with her at some point, and her dad absolutely would not come out and admit his past drug use. Dr. Phil is very annoying in general, but I have to admit that he was at his best when he refused to stop badgering those two.

Now, there’s no doubt about the fact that Dr. Phil makes all these generous offers of interventions in order to get ratings. And getting the entire audience to stand up and cheer when the crying Jael comes into the studio is a calculated way to appeal to people. We can’t help but wonder if any of it is actually going to do her any good. But the point is that at least someone tried, even if it was for the most ulterior reasons. Why isn’t someone in the ANTM team doing something to reach out to this poor woman, even if it would only be for the purpose of boosting Tyra and the show? How can anyone not realize just how bad it looks to do nothing at all? And in the end, it’s Tyra Banks’ responsibility. If you’re the producer, the blame stops at your desk. Take a little bit of that time you’re spending on following BryanBoy as he prances around the set, and show us that you are at least pretending to care about what happened to that girl you hand-picked six years ago.

Pretty is as pretty does, Miss Tyra…

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