Getting Your Characters to Talk to You: Stetson Smith and Sexuality

Well, if that title didn’t get everybody’s attention, then nothing ever will. 😉 (Okay… maybe “Jesus Comes Back and Gives You the Winning Lottery Numbers!”) Anyway.

When Gwen Was Away…

I think that it’s important to try to figure out everything about a character. Sometimes, of course, they don’t want to tell you. Gwen is still being very secretive. But as for Stetson… that boy is telling me more and more every day. For instance– let’s talk about sex.

Stetson: Okay; okay! I’m basically straight, but there have been a couple of.. um… incidents with very close male friends. And Gwen is my unadmitted one true love, but when Rebecca was pressing her tits up against me and circling my ear with her tongue, well… look, I’m eighteen years old when this story starts! What do you want?

Anise: That exact type of information, actually. (writes busily.)

Stetson: (sighing)Then, when the narrative picks up again a few years later, there’s that sick and twisted thing. See, I had to give up all human affection and human touch. So I can’t really do anything normally anymore. That part doesn’t last TOO long, does it?? I mean, I do get it on with Gwen eventually… right? Um, I mean, we express our true eternal fluffy devotion by hours on end of hot, sweet, sticky, sensual lovemaking. Whipped cream is involved.

Anise: I don’t know. You’re the one who’s showing me all this.

Stetson: But I don’t know, either. So who does?

Anise: Okay, this is getting too weird yet again.

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