Even More Updates on the NC-17 Page

Yep, we’re talking about MoM 7: The NC17 Just Never Stops. Head on over to the NC-17 Fanfic page and enjoy the latest installment!

And if you don’t BELIEVE me… here’s a sample (I’ve tried to keep it PG-13.)

It was impossible to keep track of time, of course. Time seemed to melt and become fluid and to drip in all directions, rather like the droopy watches in the Salvador Dali paintings that Ginny had often pondered, wondering if she might explore the same themes in a marble sculpture someday. But it wasn’t long before she and Draco were moving a bit slower, and then a bit slower, and then scarcely at all. The dreamy soft rhythm as they lay next to each other and slowly drifted back and forth like an ebb tide washing along the beach was sensual and lovely. But Ginny squirmed like an eel, and felt that she needed something more,somehow.

“Draco?” she said.

“Yes?” He opened his eyes and smiled at her softly, his face angelic.

“Er… um… I was just sort of wondering…”

He kissed her mouth, her jaw, her throat, his lips like the brushes of an angel’s wings.

“Well, I was wondering if you could start–”

And that’s all we can share and still keep it even vaguely family-friendly, folks! Head on over to that page to see the rest.

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