DT’s Characters and Setting

Genogram coming soon! For now, our main characters are…

Stetson Smith (the antihero, inspired by my fanfic!Draco Malfoy)
Gwen Taylor (his one true love, but the course is definitely not too smooth. Inspired by my fanfic!Ginny Weasley)
His archenemy (Ack! I CANNOT come up with a good name. I’m still calling him Harry. Anyway, he’s inspired by my evil, icky fanfic!Harry Potter.)
Stetson’s Father, Stephen Smith (inspired by my fanfic!Lucius.)
Stetson’s Mother, Sarah Smith (inspired by my fanfic!Narcissa)
Ben Burns, Stetson’s father’s cousin (inspired by my fanfic!Snape)
Rebecca Burns, Ben’s cousin, not a blood relation to Stetson (I guess I would say inspired by my fanfic!Bellatrix)

More details soon!

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