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Yes, I’m still here…

reality_sceneHi all,

So I HAVEN’T disappeared! πŸ˜‰ But the thing is that having a blog hacked is a very disheartening experience. I wasn’t very enthusiastic about anything after that happened. Also, I’ve been concentrating on the writing a lot. πŸ™‚ But I’m back! There will be more news soon!! Possibly some very exciting things coming up. πŸ™‚

Just as a preview of some of what I’ve been working on, take a look at a very early version of Victoria above. Doesn’t she look REAL? Kind of creepy, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰ Maybe she’s trying to escape the computer…

All About Being Hacked, Cont.

So the fun just went on, and it didn’t stop here. >:[ This WP blog wasn’t the ONLY thing that was hacked. Yahoo mail and Facebook were hacked too, and I’m not exactly sure what else. (looks at long, long, long list of sites I have a password for.) These should all be changed. ICK.

There are some morals to this story, almost all of which came from advice given by a very good computer tech I know at Portland Computerworks (hi, Joseph!)

  • Do NOT use the same password (or almost the same password) for everything. Yes, you have a lot of company if you do this– it’s what most people do– but it’s a terrible idea.

    If this happens to you, change as many passwords as possible. I’m not going to change every single ONE, such as the cute cat group, but I’m going to change as many as I can. (Amazon and Gmail, for instance.)

    If your domain is hosted by Dreamhost, send an email to them, and they will help you.

    Do not panic.

    Avoid running around in circles and screaming incoherently.

    Try this site: All you have to do is remember one password (theirs), and they then keep track of passwords on all your other accounts. (Or almost all– I don’t think that sites like Bank of America are good for this.)

    Oh, while we’re on the subject– change your online banking password. If you don’t remember your pin number because you never use it, do not get upset over how long you have to wait in the lobby in order to change this. Bring something to read, or you’ll be stuck with back editions of the Tigard Penny Saver.

  • So far, it looks like the problem is under control. πŸ™‚ (Finds a lot of wood to knock on.) There will be much more actual content here soon!

    A Short Break From Losing My Mind

    floral_01_satsd_fontchange_more floral

    I’m on the home stretch to finishing Sex and the Single Devil. Yay! (Well, the first final version, anyway…) (searches for brain) (cannot find)

    But sometimes, I just have to take a Photoshop break. πŸ™‚ Here’s the latest cover. This is the classy, subtle one. The next one will have naked male torsos, of course. πŸ˜‰

    No cookies from the book today– but more soon!

    Sex and the Single Devil– Done By March 25th!!

    Oh No, You Didn't.
    Oh No, You Didn’t.

    Well, that’s what I promised my novel critique group, anyway… πŸ˜‰ I’m not sure if I lost my mind DURING the writing of this book or if it’ll be gone AFTER the (first) finished version, but either way, I might have been nuts to promise it by that date. But I am determined! I’ll make it happen! Yay! Go me! (Waves the Happy Anise Writing Flag.)

    And you know that there has to be a cookie crumb… πŸ˜‰

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    The Very Special Top-Secret Way to Market Your Book: Part One

    Remember to Keep Checking In!
    Remember to Keep Checking In!

    Let’s face it– most ways to market your indie-published book don’t really work. No, crying won’t help. I tried it. (True, it wasn’t over this issue, but the point is that I’ve tried it.) BUT… I have special super-secret news, JUST for you. There’s a very specific type of technique that fills these criteria:

    a.)Few indie authors are using it
    b.) Of those authors who do use it, most aren’t really doing it very well at all
    c.) People will flock to it because it’s fun and interesting in and of itself.


    d.) It requires a very, very short time commitment on the viewer’s part.

    All of this = an extremely good way to publicize your book.
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    Anise Is Back! She’s Alive! Yay!

    Unicorns Everywhere Are Happy.
    Unicorns Everywhere Are Happy.

    Hi all! (waves)

    I know it’s been horribly hideously long since my last post, but I’m in three writers’ groups, and in the novel writing group, Sex and the Single Devil is due on March 25!!! But miracles still exist in our time, and it WILL be done in its entirety. It’ll be more like 60,000 words, and the reason is that it’s now the first book in a trilogy. πŸ™‚ Death Train is actually the second one, and I’m still playing around with ideas for the title of the third. So there WILL be more posts, and most of them will be about writing and related subjects. Case in point: The next post. Y’all seriously want to read that one.

    30 Days of NaNo, 30 Covers of Anisefics: Sex and the Single Devil 4


    β€œThe devil’s making me think about sex, Colin!” screeched Ginny.

    A hush fell over the crowded library coffee shop.

    Ginny buried her head in her hands. β€œCan I crawl into a bottomless pit now?” she asked in a muffled voice.

    β€œFunny how those bottomless pits never open when you want them to,” mused Colin.
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