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New SatSD Cover!

vic and ryan pensive

Hi all! Here’s the latest cover for SatSD.:) They WILL get better… Nathaniel’s pants are enough to scare small children. But this gives you a rough idea.

I’ll start posting more– that being-hacked incident was not very encouraging to creativity. However, SatSD IS done– the beta version, anyway, it’ll be revised a lot! Much more very soon. And a new chapter of Malfoy In a Glass posted on FIA soon too.

A Short Break From Losing My Mind

floral_01_satsd_fontchange_more floral

I’m on the home stretch to finishing Sex and the Single Devil. Yay! (Well, the first final version, anyway…) (searches for brain) (cannot find)

But sometimes, I just have to take a Photoshop break. 🙂 Here’s the latest cover. This is the classy, subtle one. The next one will have naked male torsos, of course. 😉

No cookies from the book today– but more soon!

How to Market Like Coca-Cola– Pt. 1

Quick. What’s this?

coca cola

Unless you were raised by the Amish on an island near Antarctica—and maybe even if you were—you almost certainly had no trouble recognizing that logo. (Yes, even if you’re one of those unbearably cool Portland hipsters. 😉

Why is that?

If you guessed that the Coca-Cola corporation spend lots and lots of money buying brand recognition, you’re right—but you’re only partly right. The answer is a lot more complex than it seems. And it holds the key for indie book marketing that just might really work.

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The Horrible, Very Bad, Not Good At All Cover: Text Problems

So we’re talking about what makes a bad book cover bad to the bone. Just to recap from the last post, this is an extremely bad cover for a book:
bad cover example

So what’s wrong with this picture?

Maybe it would be better to ask what’s RIGHT with this picture, but the story begins here.

First of all, it is not exactly 6×9, which is a very popular size. But we’re not going to count that because it was quickly put together for an example. So every day, we’ll cover a different category of.. well, of this cover. 🙂


This cover has a good sampling of some of the most common offenders. To wit…

1.) Spelling mistakes in the title. If you ever actually see “thirlling, “teh,” and “nucular” on a cover, the appropriate response is OMG WTF I DON’T EVEN. The point is, that’s pretty bad. Spellcheck doesn’t catch everything, but it’s a good start.

2.) The existence of the Comic Sans font. Nobody should ever use Comic Sans ever again FOR ANY PURPOSE unless they’re trying to be funny. This is not that time.

3.) Different fonts are used. It’s tricky to mix fonts, although we obviously do see it done. But we have to choose compatible fonts. Comic Sans, Jokerman, and Mesquite Std are bizarre enough in themselves. But looking at them all crammed together on a page is kind of like being bounced down the stairs by a bunch of people wearing clashing plaids and playing big cymbals. Not good.

4.) Design and spacing problems. We’ll get more into those later.

5.) A hideous pink (#e20b6b) is used for the type. Not a good thing at all. We’ll also be talking more about color later on.

Coming up next: Color and photo problems!

You Know More About Design Than You Think: Part One

bad cover example
You know more about good design that you think you do.

How can that be true, you ask? You think that Ansel Adams sounds like a stripper name, Da Vinci… isn’t that the name of that pasta? (Note to self: Make lasagna tonight), and Roy Lichtenstein is that one country where they make Johnsonville brats (Note to self: Those would be good in the lasagna.)

It’s true because of the picture above.
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The Very Special Top-Secret Way to Market Your Book: Part One

Remember to Keep Checking In!
Remember to Keep Checking In!

Let’s face it– most ways to market your indie-published book don’t really work. No, crying won’t help. I tried it. (True, it wasn’t over this issue, but the point is that I’ve tried it.) BUT… I have special super-secret news, JUST for you. There’s a very specific type of technique that fills these criteria:

a.)Few indie authors are using it
b.) Of those authors who do use it, most aren’t really doing it very well at all
c.) People will flock to it because it’s fun and interesting in and of itself.


d.) It requires a very, very short time commitment on the viewer’s part.

All of this = an extremely good way to publicize your book.
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