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So WHO is the mysterious Anise? The question that many have asked– senators, presidents, CIA agents, CEO’s, kings, princes, bill collectors… (oops! Let’s forget about that last one, shall we?) But the answers have never been revealed… until NOW! Aren’t we all excited?

(crickets chirp)
(tumbleweeds roll by)

Well. Anyway. Some say that Anise was born on a pirate ship in the South Seas somewhere near the Easter Island Bar, Grill, and Lotto, and is somehow related to Keith Richards, at least when he was in the PotC role. Some are sure that she was actually born in the 11th century at the court of William the Exceptionally Well-Endowed and traveled in a time machine that can be obtained in the sixty-fourth dimension by sending in Captain Crunch boxtops. And some claim that she started out as the colorful madam of the Death Valley Whoopee Ranch in–

California State Commissioner: Excuse me. There is no legalized prostitution anywhere in the state of California.

Never mind! Moving right along…

Well, however Anise started out, she now lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 🙂 And she’s been a fanfic author in the Harry Potter fandom for quite a few years, always writing the D/G ship, it clearly being the one true pairing throughout all time and space. Her wildly popular fics have brought her worldwide fame, and–

(Are those crickets STILL chirping?)

Be that as it may, it IS true that she has has over half a million unique readers, officially verified! 🙂 (Awaits lavish prize. None is forthcoming, apparently.) Fans all over the world have enjoyed her many fics, including The Bat-Bogeys Cometh, Keeping Christmas on the Death Train, Draco’s Dangerous Dilemma, Jewel of the Harem, Nineteen Years Later: The Truth, Millions of Malfoys, Malfoy in a Glass, Darkly, The Quick and the Dead, Bound, Unforgiven, Full Fathom Five, and oh, SO many more. And now ALL of those fics have inspired Death Train!

Yes, we never really know what’s coming up next for Anise. Except that hopefully it will involve making fans happy, making the world a better place, saving kittens, minding the gap, and getting the cash to start rolling in.

Here are just a few samples of what others have written about Anise:

The Wiki Page
I found this a couple of years ago. REALLY outdated, though, and I have no idea how to add content.

Anise on the Draco/Ginny Wiki Page

On the Facebook Page Too

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