30 Days of NaNo, 30 Covers of Death Train: Day 13

Writing the first kiss today! Woo hoo! (Poor kids… little do they know what’s coming.) Anise runs off, cackling evil-ly.


“Goodnight, Ginny,” he said, starting to turn away.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.


They looked at each other. They looked away. She put his hand on one side of his cheek, and he closed his eyes. She leaned forward, forward, and their lips met in a kiss. He knew the triumphant pleasure of finally kissing Ginny Weasley. It went on and on, messy and inexpert and ungraceful, and consuming, and wonderful, and perfect. His hands went round her waist. He had to touch her. He pulled her so close, so suddenly, that the top buttons on her blouse popped open.

She put her hand up to close them. He put his hand over hers to stop her.

“Don’t,” he said. “Ginny, let me… let me see you.”

She knew exactly what he meant; he knew it instantly. “All right,” she said in a whisper.

(a strategic stopping point before the NC-17ness really begins. And trust me, it does…)

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