30 Days of NaNo, 30 Covers of Death Train: Day 12

I TOLD all y’all that I was just going to start calling all the characters by their real names. They insisted on it, and said they wouldn’t talk to me anymore unless I did it. But I TRULY defy anybody to find a single identifying feature from HP canon besides the names. So there. 😉


Lucius Malfoy’s eyebrows drew together into a dark, angry line when he saw Bella bringing Draco into a meeting room filled by a long, narrow table. What a perfect opportunity for my father to spend the next hour heaping blame on my head, thought Draco. And he’ll take full advantage of it, I’m sure.

“Draco, I told you to stay in your rooms.”

“But he can’t, Lucius,” said Bella. “He’s got to be in on things. You know he does.”

“I must say that I agree,” said Snape from where he was seated on his father’s right hand.

“And what do you think, Narcissa dear?” asked Bella, her dark eyes flashing with malice.

“I suppose that you’re right,” said Draco’s mother on his father’s left side. She did not say anything more. She looked listless and drained, and Draco felt the queer, squeezing sensation at his heart that he so often felt when looking at his mother, as if a feeling were trying to begin but could not quite travel all the way to wherever it was that feelings ought to go.

“Very well,” said Lucius.

Bella took Draco’s hand and led him to a chair across from his mother, seating herself next to him. Her hand was thin and hot, its muscles seeming to grip at him, and Draco was glad when he could let go of it. At least this meant that Pansy couldn’t reasonably expect him to sit next to her.

2 thoughts on “30 Days of NaNo, 30 Covers of Death Train: Day 12”

  1. I’m so intrigued to know more about the issue of Draco’s feelings and their inability to travel the usual way!!!
    And I liked the previous cookie with Ginny, it was kinda sweet.

  2. Thanks! 🙂 The world that this Draco and Ginny live in is very, very different from canon. It’s an extreme AU (as it clearly has to be in order to be publishable, no matter how much the names get changed!), but what really remains the same is the D/G relationship and their dynamics. Much more to come…

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