30 Days of NaNo, 30 Covers of Anisefics: Sex and the Single Devil 9

Y’all, I am SO proud of this cover… it was a lot of work! 🙂


“Draco Malfoy,” he said.

He put out his hand.

Ginny always avoided shaking hands if she could help it. But sometimes there was just no choice. Right now was a good example. His hand was in hers before she could do anything at all.

She tried and tried to define that moment later on, when she was alone. She never could.

She felt his skin sliding against hers. Warm and smooth. His fingers glided as if impressing their shape on hers forever, their size. ‘She was acutely aware of those fingers. A sensation ran through her like the electric shock she’d felt the week before, when she had tried to plug their ancient coffeepot into a dubious-looking outlet in the kitchenette. It was a splintering sensation. Both dull and sharp. She had found herself lying on the linoleum and staring up at the ceiling before she even knew what had happened to her.

This was like that.

And she knew that he was real.

A/N: So here’s the original cover this was based on:

So y’all can get an idea of just how much work had to be done! 😉

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