30 Days of NaNo, 30 Covers of Anisefics: Sex and the Single Devil 8

COOKIE QUOTE OF THE DAY (and YES! There is one):

Ginny stood on the landing and looked down at the gallery below. She had a good view of the street through the plate-glass window. The fog was starting to roll in again. A few people were walking quickly down the street, heads ducked against the promise of rain, forms not quite distinct in the changing light of a winter afternoon. Every lamppost held a vacantly grinning Santa Claus, dangling like a man hung in cheerful effigy.

She kept staring vacantly, not really seeing any of it. Maybe Colin and Caleb would let her sleep in their basement, next to the washers and dryers… no, come to think of it, their landlord would have to give permission for that, and after everything she’d been through with the live-work space, she didn’t want to deal with anything more of the kind. Of course, if she didn’t figure anything else out, then she’d have to move back in with her mother. Maybe sleeping in a cardboard box out in the rain in Old Town wouldn’t really be so bad, after all…

Then her vision sharpened, as if of its own accord. She could actually feel the little ciliary muscles in her eye moving, and she had nothing to do with it, no control over it, she was sure. A figure on the street came into focus. A man. He was standing just in front of the plate glass window. Sharp, sharp focus. His damp silver-blond hair sparkled in the light from the streetlamp above. No mistaking it. He was the man. He was the one she had seen earlier that day.

Something was seizing her stomach and twisting as if wringing every drop of water out of a barely damp rag. For an instant, she was sure she would be violently sick.

The man’s image wavered. But he did not move. Just as a mirage blurs, but stays in the same place, she thought. Again, he looked more real than anything else outside, yet as if he himself carried the nimbus of unreality with him. The fog was rising.

She wondered if he were a ghost who haunted only her.


A/N: Remember JUSY how rough this is… but yes. This is when Ginny meets Draco for the second time.

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    1. Thanks so much! The rough draft of SatSD should be done by the middle of December. Although you never know for sure, Ginny seems willing to tell the story right now. 😉

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