30 Days of NaNo, 30 Covers of Anisefics: Sex and the Single Devil 5


“Ugh,” said Ginny.

“Ugh?” asked Colin.

“Pretty much. Ugh.”

“You’ve made more coherent comments in your life,” pointed out her friend.

“That’s all I can put together right now.” Ginny stood behind the desk of the tiny collective art space and stared out the window into the rain.She felt impossibly listless. . She hadn’t been sleeping much lately, and it was the sort of drizzly day that seemed to spawn dreams.

“Where were you all morning long?” she asked.

“Did we get any customers?” asked Colin.

“No. Just some screeching. Jess and and Justine getting into it again. I just feel completely out of it,” she said.

Colin rounded the corner to lean on the desk next to her. “Did you get any sleep last night?”

“Not a lot.”

“That could be why. Listen, Gin, you’ve got to wake up.”

“What for?” she asked. “This is just hopeless. Maybe we should apply for work at McDonald’s.”

“We don’t have to,” said Colin. “Really, we don’t.”

“I sincerely hope not,” said Ginny. “Because I almost picked up an application this morning while you mysteriously disappeared somewhere.”

Remember that this is very VERY rough… but there is so much more coming. 😉

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