(runs around screeching)
(Brain is gone)
(men in the white coats are coming to take me away)
(laces up sneakers)

More later. 🙂

For now, please enjoy this cover I made for Malfoy In a Glass, one of my favorite fanfics. (Of mine, I mean.)(And yes, this IS Scorpius.)
Malfoy In a Glass

A Short Break From Losing My Mind

floral_01_satsd_fontchange_more floral

I’m on the home stretch to finishing Sex and the Single Devil. Yay! (Well, the first final version, anyway…) (searches for brain) (cannot find)

But sometimes, I just have to take a Photoshop break. 🙂 Here’s the latest cover. This is the classy, subtle one. The next one will have naked male torsos, of course. 😉

No cookies from the book today– but more soon!

Sex and the Single Devil– Done By March 25th!!

Oh No, You Didn't.
Oh No, You Didn’t.

Well, that’s what I promised my novel critique group, anyway… 😉 I’m not sure if I lost my mind DURING the writing of this book or if it’ll be gone AFTER the (first) finished version, but either way, I might have been nuts to promise it by that date. But I am determined! I’ll make it happen! Yay! Go me! (Waves the Happy Anise Writing Flag.)

And you know that there has to be a cookie crumb… 😉

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How to Market Like Coca-Cola– Pt. 1

Quick. What’s this?

coca cola

Unless you were raised by the Amish on an island near Antarctica—and maybe even if you were—you almost certainly had no trouble recognizing that logo. (Yes, even if you’re one of those unbearably cool Portland hipsters. 😉

Why is that?

If you guessed that the Coca-Cola corporation spend lots and lots of money buying brand recognition, you’re right—but you’re only partly right. The answer is a lot more complex than it seems. And it holds the key for indie book marketing that just might really work.

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